A challenge for all in 2014

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Are you up for a challenge?

As we swing into action this year we have made the decision to encourage our students to be guardians of their own learning. We want them to share with you what is happening at school and what they are getting better at. When talking to your children at home please encourage them to share their learning. Challenge them to try and teach you what they are being taught, ask questions of them and celebrate their successes with them.


We are working hard on developing a school where the students find it natural and rewarding to share their learning with their peers, friends and families. Already there are great examples of this happening but sometimes it is not as easy as we would like to think. The key questions that we are asking the students is what am I getting better at? How can I show that? As teachers we are asking ourselves the same question as we want to continue to learn and share in the learning with the students.

Enjoy 2014 and look for the challenges that will push you.