Change of email addresses

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To our parents, community and businesses with whom we stay in contact via email.


Please note that over the last few months our email addresses have been changed to a Google account. This means that we are no longer using our addresses.We have endeavored to notify all necessary groups of these chnages however we are aware that there may still be some companies contacting us and wondering why a reply has not come back.

We apologise if you have not had a response back from us if you have sent an email as even though these email addresses are still able to be sent to we are not checking them due to now using our new accounts and / or are no longer receiving notifications of incoming mail.

As of tomorrow (Thursday 22nd October) our schoolzone account will no longer be active as we are going to be rolling over to N4L which is the Ministry of Education fully funded internet service.

If you are wanting to make contact with any of the teaching or office staff at school our new addresses are below: (office) (Room 1) (Room 2) (Room 3)



Many thanks

Darryn Ward