Kowhai’s New School Garden

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On our second time in the shade house we listened to bird calls and made a Kowhai Garden. We made the garden because each House group is getting to create a garden in the school grounds; we are also hoping that the gardens will attract native birds and animals. We all pitched in and helped, as a leader it was excellent to see all the younger students helping with the creation of the garden. Billie selected the plants that we were going to plant and they included red grasses, flaxes and a variety of other plants. A section of the school grounds had been selected and sprayed the previous week to kill the grass, our garden is a triangle shape. Each child had the opportunity to dig holes and transplant their plant from their pots into the ground. The garden has been roped off to allow the plants the opportunity to establish themselves.
By Olivia – Kowhai House Captain 2012