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Living our values through the Patoka Cross Country

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Patoka Cross Country – Through the eyes of our Values


What a wonderful day it was on Friday at the Puketitiri Golf course. We were blessed with some lovely weather which played an important part in the success of the day. As I was reflecting on the achievements of all of our students I started to think about the way they were being T.R.U.E.E to themselves on the day.  I wanted to share this with you as a reflection of just how proud I was of the Patoka children on Friday; not only those who finished in the top 5, but also those who find running difficult and a challenge. I was proud of the way all of our children pushed themselves to the very end. My reflections were:

Trustworthiness: The Patoka students completed the run to the best of their ability. They ensured they were ready to go on time. Those who carried out jobs for the teachers did so responsibly and sensibly.

Respect: Not only did they demonstrate respect for each other on the race track by clapping and cheering them on, but they also demonstrated respect in being willing to assist children from other schools. They left the course tidy at the end showing respect for the club.

Unity: This was shown in abundance as our students worked together and helped each other. This was especially evident in the way they assisted the younger children.

Enthusiasm: At no point did I see any of our students giving up. There was a great deal of enthusiasm among many of our runners. More importantly, there was enthusiasm from all of our students around the finish line as they cheered their friends on.

Excellence: This was the one value that I was particularly proud of. Every child showed the ability to strive for personal excellence. For some this was winning a place in the top group and for many others it was simply completing the race.

The success of the day was not only driven by our runners. It was also through the wonderful group of volunteers we had working in the shop providing drinks, hot food and lollies to the children. We are grateful for the level of support you are continually providing for the school.

To everyone involved on the day – I say thank you. It makes me proud to be the principal of such a great school. Good luck to those going on to compete at the next level.