Patoka School

Room 2

Room 2

Welcome to Room 2. The teacher is Mrs Dawson and Mr Ward.

Room 2 focuses on each child becoming an independent, enthusiastic learner who is prepared to take risks and rise to their personal learning challenges.

The children experience a range of styles of learning. They are becoming very creative when faced with the morning 10 minute challenge.

The children have the opportunity to start exploring the New Zealand Curriculum in-depth through a range of exciting topics and investigations.

What a session we had today.

We used all of our new found skills as a forensic scientist to uncover the mystery of the missing chocolate. After interrogating all of the teachers we were finally able to come to the conclusion that our own principal, Mr Ward had stolen our chocolate. Bring on the next case.

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Check out the photos of the Room 2 children who somehow made it back to the 1930s or close. Some great looking children.

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This was a fantastic unit with all of the members of Room 2 being involved in filming some short movies where they were creating a lunch with their peers. The key to this lesson was the fact that it was all spoken in Maori. The children performed exceptionally well. We have made some small movies which we hope to be able to share on this website.

The link below will take you to the page which shows the actual video we were trying to replicate.

Te Mahi Kai video

We hope you enjoy viewing this reomation.

The children in Room 2 have had a fantastic time in Term 2 working through a science unit on change. We explored the concept of solid, liquid and gas. The children spent a lot of time observing and carrying out experiments. Well done to them all for the way they engaged and shared their ideas.