Pakowhai Top Town

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Sun, sunscreen, laughter, water and food. All the ingredients you need for a brilliant day out. A big thank you to Pakowhai School for hosting the Top Town event this year. IT was a fabulous day made all the better by the students demonstrating their ability to work closely together to get the job done.

I took the opportunity to get around a number of the activities and watched with interest as our leaders stepped up to the challenge. It also provided me with the opportunity to see some of our future leaders in action.

The support from our parents was again instrumental in the success of this day. There is no better sight than a parent smiling because they are watching their child doing something new. I felt the same when I was watching my son compete.

The final activity of the day did come as a bit of a shock. Being pushed in the pool by two of your students was not in the script. I had it all planned in my head but somehow my plans were not able to come to fruition. Never mind -there is always next year and a bit of payback maybe.

There are a large number of photos from this event on the gallery page. A big thank you to Carla for taking these and then sending them in. I am looking forward to next year’s event already.