Parent Interviews for Term 1

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Our first series of Parent Interviews for 2014 will be taking place on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th April. We are intending to close the school at 2pm with the bus beginning its home run from 2pm. We would ask that parents notify the office if your child will be unable to travel home on the bus from 2pm because of the earlier time.

A notice is coming out this week for interviews which enables you to request a time. Please note the following information as this will differ from previous years:

The interviews are for all Year 4-8 students and for those Year 0-3 students who have been notified that they are receiving an End of Year Report or Interim Report because of their age.

The interviews are 15 minutes each. The Room 2 interviews will have both Mr Ward and Mrs Dawson sitting in.

Further information on the changes to reporting can be found on the Principal’s Page.

We value the opportunity to meet with our parents and share in the progress of their children and thank you for the support you are providing.