Whanau Hui – Our Journey in Te Reo at Patoka

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I would like to thank those parents who were able to attend the whanau hui that was held this evening. Also, thanks to those who contacted to say that they could not make it. I do appreciate that this is a busy time for many of you and would still welcome the opportunity to talk to any of those who could not make it.

I have attached to this post the power point I used tonight, a copy of our Te Reo programme that we have developed and the experiences continuum that we have also been working on.

The journey for the staff and students in developing Te Reo at Patoka has been exciting over the last two years and we are certainly looking forward to what the future holds.

We are looking for people who are willing to come and share their knowledge, skills and passion in a range of Maori contexts. If you are able to help and would be willing to spend some time with the great learners we have at school please come and see me.


Below are the attached documents

Patoka School Maori Curriculum Document Patoka School – whanau hui Continuum for Te Reo (1)