What’s been happening at Patoka School.

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This year has been another busy and exciting year. We have a number of new students join us, as well as saying farewell some of our families.  Our role continues to sit at 68 which is stable. With a large number of students leaving us in 2015, we are already looking forward to the new children coming across from the kindy to keep our numbers up.

Room 3 have gained the services of an extra teacher until the end of the year with the BOT funding Frances Faudermer for tow mornings a week. Research clearly states that one of the greatest assets in any school is the staff that you can provide to work with the children so I am very grateful to the BOT for making the decision to fund this extra teacher for our senior class.

The big focus for the school this term has been on preparing our whole school production. A great deal of credit should go to the students for the way they have been working on their parts. Each rehearsal provides more evidence of fun and enjoyment that we can get from being on stage. If you have not got your tickets get out and grab them as soon as you can.

The school choir and band continue to make progress in the background. I was lucky enough to hear the band rehearsing last Friday. I was impressed with the quality of sound, the skill level of the musicians and the singing. There were certainly a couple of surprises. The choir are working towards the Kids for Kids concert in November. There will be a notice coming out to you soon that outlines the event and the rehearsal leading up to the evening performance.

ERO have also notified us to say that they are planning a review from the 28th October. This is a positive event the school as it provides us with an opportunity to share our story and to get a fresh perspective on what we can do better.

This week sees the running of the Fun Run at the Trains farm. Please come along and enjoy this event. I have seen pictures of the mud slide – that on it’s own makes it worth coming along to. There is a tremendous amount of work that has gone into organising this day out for our community. The more people we get there, the greater the benefits for the school and kindy.

While I have only highlighter a few events, I am sure you can see that the school has been busy and that the students have been immersed in a number of neat activities. I get a lot of pleasure out of hearing stories from the children of what they are enjoying and seeing them engage with one another in a range of activities.

Finally – thank you to the students, the parents and the wider community for your support for our school.