The Board’s primary focus is providing education that will enable students to enhance their levels of achievement.

As Board members we are entrusted with the role of ensuring that the school is governed effectively. We are elected or appointed by our school community to make certain that school and its Board has the necessary structures and processes in place to effectively manage day-to-day operations.

The Board and the Principal form the leadership team with the role of each documented and understood. The Board’s primary role is one of overseeing, monitoring, leadership, direction and policy setting.

The Board is entrusted to:

  • Work on behalf of, and report to, all stakeholders
  • Be accountable for the school’s performance
  • Emphasize strategic leadership
  • Set the vision and strategically plan for the school
  • Ensure that it complies with legal and policy requirements – reviewing and auditing these systematically
  • Make clear delegations to the Principal
  • Work proactively rather than reactively
  • Ensure effective governance independent of personal perspective
  • Work for positive outcomes for all concerned

The Principal is:

  • Our chief advisor and the professional leader of the school
  • Responsible for day to day administration of the school
  • Required to report on progress to the Board on all delegated areas in a systematic manner
  • Required to work within the clear policy framework set by the Board

Meeting dates

All meetings start at 4:00 and are in Room 2. The dates are posted on the school calendar.

Board members

Chairperson -  Mr Andrew Pollock

Members -       Mrs Clare Tylee

                             Mr Matt Clark 

Principal -        Mrs Madelene Field (Principal)

Staff Rep -       Mr Mike Tolley

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