Intermediate Years

A unique aspect of Patoka School are the intermediate years (Years 7-8).  We offer a fantastic alternative to large intermediates.  Small class sizes and a dedication to two more years of learning set our students up for a seamless and well prepared transition to High School.

Developing our emerging adolescents as leaders is a key area.  They receive many opportunities to develop these skills.  We are committed to providing wide and varied opportunities, real leadership development and practice.  We offer a range of opportunities for all students whilst not compromising teaching and learning as our main goal.


We provide a balanced curriculum ensuring:

  • Commitment to literacy and numeracy
  • Exceptional teaching and learning
  • Personalised learning
  • Challenge and Extension
  • A safe environment where risk taking is encouraged
  • A high level of student accountability and responsibility
  • Students are prepared for high school transition
  • Diverse learning experiences matched with small class sizes
  • Utilising outside expertise to foster achievement
  • Opportunities to foster and develop leadership 
  • Career Education
  • Learning a second language 


Our intermediate students have access to 1 to 1 devices.  We use a combination of iPads, Laptops and Chromebooks to enhance the curriculum.  We use a blended programme which means we use school books and digital means together in preparation for high school. 


As part of the Year 7-8 Curriculum, our students bus to Tamatea Intermediate every Monday to experience Technology with another school.  They learn skills in; art, sewing, hard materials (wood work), cooking and electronics.