School bus information

  • The school is served by three Tranzit buses
  • School bus monitors are appointed to help the bus drivers ensure the safety of the passengers
  • Children must remain seated throughout their journey
  • Parents should contact the family before them on the run if their child does not need to be picked up in the morning
  • If your child is being picked up, or going on a different bus, please phone the office by lunch on the day, and let us know the new transport arrangements
  • Cars – parents are asked to drop off and pick up the children from the school side of the road
  • If parents are concerned about the buses or have any problems with the drivers please contact the Principal

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Waihau Road Run

The bus completes a loop from school, onto Waihau Rd, Price Cockburn Rd, Hawkston Rd then back onto Puketitiri Road to the school

Puketitri Run

The bus starts in the morning from Makahu Rd/Pakaututu Rd intersection down Puketitiri Rd to the school and the reverse in the afternoon

Hendley Road/Huiarangi Road Run

The bus starts in the morning from the end of Huiarangi Road, before continuing on Hendley Road and finishing back at school.