At Pātoka we have a vibrant kindy on our doorstep and we foster a positive relationship between the school and the kindy to aid transitioning to school.

We run monthly 4-year old visits and all 4-year olds have the opportunity to visit Room 1 for a morning each month.

In the month leading up to their 5th birthday, the children also have the opportunity to visit Room 1 every Tuesday and Thursday morning to familiarise themselves with the normal classroom routine. This gives Miss Chaplin & Mrs. Field the opportunity to get to know the individual child and build relationships. We have found this arrangement provides a seamless move from kindy to school, with the students being excited about starting school. Including the kindy in all school-wide activities such as Pet Day and Crazy Hair Day give the little ones a sense of belonging, long before they're due to start school.

New entrant pack will be provided to your child as they near their 5th birthday.

Alternatively you are welcome to approach the school and request a time to meet with Miss Chaplin & Mrs. Field ( to discuss your child's transitioning.

To ensure that they have the best start possible, please support your child in developing these skills in preparation for school:



Oral Language 


Sit calmly to listen to a story. 

Hold a writing instrument correctly (grip). 

Communicate needs clearly. 

Identify numbers from 1-10 

Know how books work (how to turn pages, words and pictures). 

Write their own name with most letters correct 

Speak in sentences. 

Say the numbers from 1-10 in order 

List or recount 5 or more nursery rhymes.

Know how to use scissors and be able to cut basic lines/shapes

Recount events (eg. what I did on the weekend) 

Know finger patterns to 5 

Know some letter sounds (10 is a good number)

Can follow instructions

Know and identify shapes, colours and can sort them into groups

Identify rhyming words in a given nursery rhyme, eg. Jack and Jill went up the … and complete the rhyme 

Count a set of items to 5